4 More Reasons I Love Football: Confessions of a Female Football Addict – Part II

PinkHelmetAugust is finally here, so now is the perfect time to reflect on the most exhilarating sport in the land! No, I’m not talking about the epic athletic showdown among shoppers in the women’s shoe department at Saks Fifth Avenue during the day-after-Christmas sale…although that’s a really close second. I’m talking about the other love of my life – FOOTBALL! [Read more…]

6 Reasons I Love Football – Confessions of a Female Football Addict

PinkHelmetThose barren months from February to July are tough for an addict like me.  August can’t get here fast enough because that’s the start of football season!   Here are a few of the many random reasons I…love…this…game! [Read more…]