Woman in the Mirror: Caitlyn Jenner’s Journey


Photo Source: twitter.com/caitlynjenner

A wise person once said, “…our lives improve when we take chances, and the first difficult chance we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” Amen! You don’t have to be transgender to travel down a road of self-discovery or to find a piece of yourself in Caitlyn Jenner’s story

Have we all been traveling Caitlyn’s road in one way or another and didn’t even know it? Let’s ponder a few questions:

  • Have you ever been confused about your mission or purpose in life?
  • Have you ever discovered a shocking or uncomfortable truth about a loved one, but, in the end, chose acceptance and love over avoidance and judgment?
  • Are you living someone else’s goals and expectations of your life instead of following your own dreams?
  • Have you ever excelled professionally or academically in a specific area that ended up creating a “smoke screen” to hide the real you?
  • Have you ever wanted to make a major change in your life, but thought it was too late or that you were too old?
  • Have you ever stood up for a belief, core value or principle even when you knew your view would be unpopular and might cost you everything?

Her journey from winning Olympic gold in 1976 as Bruce Jenner, to transitioning, in 2015, to the most authentic version of herself has been applauded by some and reviled by others. I support Caitlyn Jenner and give her a standing ovation for having the courage to live her truth!

I don’t know what it feels like to struggle with gender dysphoria. I can’t begin to relate to the pain and emotional torment that characterizes the lives of those living with this challenge. But, at the end of the day, I believe we are at our best and in the position to do the most good for our communities and for our loved ones when we can look in the mirror and be proud of what we see. It’s just that simple.

What do you think about Caitlyn Jenner’s journey?


  • kmb77

    Very thought-provoking!! If only we all had the courage to live boldly in our own truth! And, what a better world this would be if only we stopped being so judgmental and started embracing one other with unconditional love!