Beyhive Attacks Beyoncé! Wait…What?!

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Apparently, not even Beyoncé is immune to the wrath of the Beyhive! Mrs. Carter’s fiercely loyal subjects did the unthinkable and attacked the Queen Bey herself. Yikes! Who knew an early morning vegan diet announcement is all it would take to make fans go ballistic?!

The infamous Beyhive is known for swarming and attacking, via social media, anyone who even THINKS about criticizing Beyoncé. That makes it all the more surprising when the Beyhive unleashed its wrath after her much hyped “announcement” Monday morning on Good Morning America.

Fans tuned in early thinking they would be the first to find out Beyoncé’s going back on tour, dropping a new album, starting a new clothing line, or anything but an announcement about her already highly publicized vegan diet.

Here are excerpts from what ETonline reported:

In case you missed Beyoncé‘s big announcement this morning on Good Morning America, let us fill you in: the singer opened up about her vegan dietThe 22-Day Revolution, and revealed the meal plan is responsible for her weight loss.

Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the same diet Bey has been promoting since February when she announced her partnership with nutritionist and exercise physiologist Marco Borges…

While the information is nothing new, the announcement was heavily hyped with a dramatic promo. “Beyoncé has something amazing that she wants you to know. So what is it?” a teaser clip promised.

So, when the major news turned out to be a plug for the recording artist’s nutrition plan, loyal members of the Beyhive were less than pleased, taking to social media to express their disappointment, in addition to spamming Bey’s Instagram account with emojis of French fries, burgers, drumsticks, donuts and more.

Hilarious! Well, I guess this is definitely a lesson learned for Beyoncé. Don’t mess with carnivores before 9am! Ha!

What do you think about the Beyhive attacking Beyoncé?