WE tv’s “Cutting It: In the ATL” Premieres! [Highlights/Spoiler Alert]

Cast on the blue carpet at "Cutting It: In the ATL"

Cast on the blue carpet at “Cutting It: In the ATL”

A wise person once said, “Sure, my life isn’t perfect…but my hair is, and let’s face it, that’s what really counts.” Ha! I’m sure the ladies of WE tv’s “Cutting It: In the ATL” would agree. The show premiered last night and gave the world a glimpse of the lives of four Atlanta salon owners and one stylist on their journey to reign supreme in the hair industry. Here are highlights from the show and some of the best quotes:

“Dollars, Coins, but No Common Sense” – Episode 1 (air date 5.21.15)

“Cutting It: In the ATL” premiered last night on WE tv and the world was officially introduced to Maja, Mushiya, Beautii, Lakenya, and Dedra!

Episode Highlights:

  • After the season teaser, the show kicked off with the grand opening celebration of Maja’s latest business venture, the Pretty Hair salon. Maja also owns multiple Walk-In Weave salons in the Atlanta area. I’m loving Maja! She’s a sweet snob who is 90% bougie and 10% hood. She’s polished, intelligent, focused, and all about the hustle. Maja has mastered the art of supply and demand by successfully going for volume and undercutting her competition by offering $50 weaves. This price point is definitely a cause for concern for a few of the ladies.
  • Mushiya, Mushiya, Mushiya – This woman is made for reality television! She’s from Congo and is the feisty owner of the Damn Salon, which specializes in high fashion natural hair styles. Her infectious laugh will have you cracking up for days. Mushiya is fierce, confident, hilarious, and passionate about providing women with sexy options for wearing their hair in natural styles. She conducted a “Damn Career Day” to find new stylists and gave the world a glimpse of her non-traditional hiring process.  Helpful hint to the next person interviewing at the Damn Salon: Don’t ever come in with a “Beyoncé weave”, according to Mushiya.
  • Beautii, owner of Spoiled Opulence, pops in to visit Maja’s grand opening and their interaction had me LOLing for sure – definitely shade with a smile – on both sides.
  • Things start to shake up when Dedra, owner of J’Doah salon, hires Lakenya who previously worked for Beautii at Spoiled Opulence.
  • Maja invites the ladies to brunch to discuss the possibility of joining forces on a new business venture. A few ladies ignore the RSVP limits and bring guests. Dedra accuses Maja of delivering a sales pitch and not making the intent of the brunch clear. Beautii and Dedra then have a heated discussion about Dedra hiring Lakenya. Beautii claims Lakenya still owes booth rent from her employment at Spoiled Opulence. This, of course, leads to an intense conversation later in the episode between Beautii and Lakenya.   It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out during the season.

Best Quotes from the Episode:

  • “The key to a person’s heart is through their pocket – not their stomach.”Maja
  • “We don’t use a traditional hiring process because traditionally people are full of sh$% and traditionally people lie so that’s why we scrutinize so hard.”Mushiya
  • “I don’t know if people are intimidated by me and I don’t care. This is who I am and this is who you’re going to be dealing with and if that makes you fold, you’ve got to fold through the door and out the building…”Mushiya (when discussing her hiring philosophy)
  • “I call myself a ‘Minister of Weaves’ – that’s what I am.”Maja…Then, Beautii says,“What??? So, you’re blessing heads?!”
  • “That’s like me going to Wal-Mart and getting a Chanel.”Dedra (when discussing Maja’s business model)
  • “I couldn’t spend 10 minutes talking about $250 – ever.”Maja
Photo Source: 5/11 WE tv press event

Photo Source: 5/11 WE tv press event

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