8 OMG Moments from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

Photo Source: prphotos.com

Photo Source: prphotos.com

Award shows either bore you to tears or keep you on the edge of your seat. This year’s Billboard Music Awards easily accomplished the latter! There was something for everybody – unforgettable performances plus priceless camera shots of celeb “reactions” (shade files – lol). Here are my 8 biggest OMG moments from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards:

  • Nothing Small about “Little Big Town”: I had never heard the song “Girl Crush” until Little Big Town performed it with Faith Hill on the Billboard Music Awards. I was blown away and hit rewind on my DVR 3 times to see it again. The vocal performances were flawless. The song has one of the most beautiful melodies (and lyrics) I’ve ever heard. Bravo and well-deserved standing O!
  • Mariah’s Performance Isn’t a Mess: Mariah’s vocal performances…[hmmm, how should I put this?…] typically leave much to be desired. So, it was nice to see Mimi make it through her medley of hits without any major vocal snafus. I gave the performance an “ok” 7 out of 10, which was a home run in light of Mimi’s track record in recent years. But, hey, let’s look on the bright side. She killed it on the red carpet!
  • Empire Reigns Supreme – Ok, so I’ve seen Yazz and Jussie Smollett perform their hits from the Empire soundtrack on numerous shows over the past few months.  But, guess what? It never gets old – that’s all – ha!
  • “Bad Blood” is All Good: Taylor Swift was the queen of the night after taking home a whopping 8 BBMAs! The show premiered with the video for her new song, “Bad Blood”, which featured cameos from everybody on the planet. The song is allegedly about Taylor’s feud with fellow pop sensation, Katie Perry. “Bad Blood” is catchy and the video is hot! Looks like Taylor’s jump from country into the pop world is paying off big time.
  • Tori Kelly Who? – She’s like Christina Aguilera with a guitar! Tori Kelly, the 22 year-old phenom with amazing pipes, delivered her breakout performance of “Nobody Love” and nailed it! Something tells me huge things are in store for this young beauty!
  • Kanye…SMH: I’m not sure if his smoke-filled debacle of a performance was intentional or not. The audience could barely see him because of the smoke and couldn’t hear most of the lyrics because censors beeped out over a minute of the performance. That added up to one…big…mess, but we’re talking about it so I guess Kanye wins again – ha!
  • Boo!?:  Wait, what? Did Kendall and Kylie Jenner get booed on Kanye’s intro? Sure sounded like it. Ouch!

What did you think of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards?