Get Ready for WE tv’s “Cutting It: In the ATL”!

Photo Source: 5/11 WE tv press event

Photo Source: 5/11 WE tv press event

This is not just another reality show! Get ready for “Cutting It: In the ATL”, a new show premiering on WE tv about ambitious hair salon owners showcasing what it takes to run a salon while navigating past the competition. I met the stars of the show and attended both a private screening and blue carpet premiere this week! Check out what I enjoyed most about the sneak peek and meeting the cast…

Ok, world – Get ready for Maja Sly, Mushiya Tshikuka, Beautii Joseph, Lakenya Morris, and Dedra Allen! “Cutting It” provides a behind-the-scenes look at the hustle and grind of the hair industry in Atlanta (the beauty capital of the nation, in my humble opinion – wink – but I digress…).

So, what do you get when you put 5 Queen Bees in a room? The perfect cocktail of passion, energy, wit, comedy, and a little bit of shade – of course! So, it should come as no surprise that the press events were all of the above! The thing that impressed me most about meeting the ladies is that they all spoke of the importance of using the show as a platform to not only promote their businesses but also to empower and inspire other women and entrepreneurs. They talked about being business owners first, not reality stars.

Here is what Mushiya had to say about the focus of the show:

…We’re really women doing our business so that’s a really big deal for this show. Now, at the end of the day, we’re also women in the same industry and women have emotions…so truly the show depicts real life. If you’re going to put a bunch of business women together, they’re going to want to do business – yes – but there are also going to be emotions. It reflects real life so I’m actually very proud of this show…It shows us in that light – that we’re all about our business and the drama is also real life – it just comes with it…but at the end of the day we make it work.

Here is what Maja had to say about her upcoming plans to lead workshops to empower aspiring women entrepreneurs:

When you can affect people on a platform big enough that we’ve been blessed enough to receive, you have to take it and run with it…My first class will be June 6th. It’s “Pretty Powerful University” and it’s really more about women. No shade to men but you guys have your own organizations (laugh). It’s really for women to learn how to get out of their own way and really learn how to be a girl’s girl. You can have strong personalities. We can all have our differences…but at the end of the day, you need a sisterhood if you want to go to the next level. We did 80,000 weaves and I couldn’t stitch all of them if I tried, so I have to be able to reach back to the stylists and teach them what I know. I didn’t grow up in a microwave society. You didn’t just go on Instagram and become famous. You had to actually go out there and work and put in the hours… So in my class, we’ll be talking about how you set goals, reach goals and find your sister in there so you can have someone to keep you accountable so you won’t be standing behind the chair at 72-years-old with no retirement.

Wow, I’m loving these ladies! As you guys know, I’ve grown a bit skeptical of reality television in recent years and for good reason. But, something tells me that “Cutting It” will be “cut” from a different cloth – pun intended – lol. Unlike some reality shows, this cast is a group of focused career women who genuinely love what they do for a living. They aren’t women with “nothing to lose” whose only goal or skill set in life is being a reality star.

I’m excited for each of these ladies and wish the show much success! Side note – I’m convinced Mushiya will have her own show in less than 2 years time – no doubt! You’ll see why when the show premieres. I also predict that Maja and Beautii will be breakout stars. We’ll just have to wait and see!

I’ll be watching next Thursday.  Will you?

Check out “Cutting It: In the ATL” on WE tv on Thurs, 5/21 at 10pm ET.


Pic from the exclusive screening of “Cutting It: In the ATL”



Cast on the blue carpet at premiere for "Cutting It: In the ATL"

Cast on the blue carpet at “Cutting It: In the ATL”