Do “Fifty Shades of Grey” Stars Deserve Hefty Raises for Sequels?

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Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are reportedly saying “show me the money” after the megawatt success of Fifty Shades of Grey. The film grossed over $547 million worldwide, and yes, I proudly represented $12 of that massive total – ha! The breakout stars now reportedly want a piece of the cash cow for both highly anticipated sequels. Can you blame them?

If sequels Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed are even an ounce as successful as their predecessor, the franchise will easily hit the billion dollar mark before it’s all said and done. So, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Jamie and Dakota want a piece of the action.

Here is an excerpt of what reported:

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson reportedly want much bigger paychecks for the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both actors are looking to land sizable raises for the sequel to their hit box office flick… So how much money do Johnson and Dornan want? The trade reports the duo are hoping to negotiate seven-figure raises to get back in the Red Room of Pain.

“It was a very basic franchise starter deal,” an insider said of Johnson and Dornan’s contracts. “Look at Twilight and Hunger Games, and that’s where it is heading.” HR reports the 32-year-old hunk and the 25-year-old brunette beauty were each paid $250,000 for the first Fifty Shades film (plus box-office bonuses).

In light of the actors’ raises, Fifty Shades producer Dana Brunetti told THR he is looking to keep the first film’s $40 million budget the same for the sequel.

“That was the great thing about this film—we knew we were going to be able to make stars,” he said. “Now it’s their opportunity to get paid on other projects. It’s been a breakout role for both of them. I’m sure they are getting tons of offers on other things.”

Wow! I think it’s safe to say that studio execs won’t be taking a huge risk if they agree to break off a few extra coins for the film stars next go round.

I hope this doesn’t become a tug of war. I would hate for something like money to come between me and a good old-fashioned love story – ha! Ok, so maybe not old-fashioned, but Fifty Shades of Grey is definitely a love story. I think that’s the element that largely got lost in the press with all of the hoopla and marketing focus on bondage. This is a story about two people falling in love under less than ordinary circumstances – plain and simple. Ok, maybe I’m a hopeless romantic. Don’t judge me – lol.

As for the film itself – I thought it was fantastic! To be fair, I had low expectations in light of the not so hot reviews, plus I didn’t make it past chapter 1 of the book.  But, I always love when serendipity strikes when you least expect. The film kept me engaged and left me wanting more. Bring on the sequels!

Do you think Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan deserve raises?


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