“Scandal” – What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Photo Source: prphotos.com

Photo Source: prphotos.com

Is anybody else out there wondering what in the world is happening to Scandal this season? Has the once witty, suspense-driven, sexy, and intellectually stimulating television show now been reduced to a predictably boring and forgettable melodrama? Ok, maybe that was a little harsh. I’m still watching – hoping for redemption.

Season 4 started with promise – Mellie unhinged and wearing Uggs in the White House, Huck spending time with his long lost son, Olivia and Jake finally “standing in the sun”. I had high hopes, but then the story lines started spiraling. I can’t count how many times I buried my head in my hands watching the last 2 episodes. It was kind of like watching Michael Jordan play during his last season with the Wizards. Why is Shonda putting us through this torture – lol? First of all, the Olivia hostage storyline is silly and predictable. She’s being put up for an international auction in what seems like the most unrealistic circumstances (sigh). Someone will surely rescue Liv and bring her back yada yada yada. We can guess that much.

Is this an emerging pattern for shows created by Shonda Rhimes and her production company, ShondaLand? There is no doubt that ShondaLand has significantly changed the landscape of television for the better. Shonda is a brilliant writer and creator – no doubt. However, does it seem like the ‘it’ show of the moment gets all the energy and focus, but starts to flounder as soon as ShondaLand starts developing a new hit series?

Case in point –  Grey’s Anatomy used to be one of the hottest shows on television and the highlight of everyone’s Thursday night. Then, the show lost its luster and, faster than you can say Gladiator, Scandal stormed onto the scene; becoming a ratings bonanza and social media darling with groundbreaking story lines and excellent writing. Now, Grey’s Anatomy is barely hanging on to stay relevant. Then, enter How to Get Away with Murder – the latest in a long line of wildly successful shows from ShondaLand. And now – you guessed it – Scandal is slowly becoming the new Grey’s Anatomy.

ABC has ordered a new hit drama pilot from ShondaLand. Here is what Variety reported:

ABC has picked up four more pilots for their 2015-16 season, including a new drama from “TGIT” queen Shonda Rhimes. All pilots hail from ABC Studios.

“The Catch” from Shondaland’s Rhimes and Betsy Beers follows a female forensic accountant whose career specialty is exposing fraud for a living. Much like the leading ladies of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” the sure-to-be fierce woman at the forefront of the crime thriller is not all she appears to be and has a tumultuous love life. She’s about to get married, but also about to get conned by her fiancé — little does he know, her lies end up colliding with his cons.

Uh oh!! This one sounds like a winner so fans of How to Get Away with Murder better watch out – ha!

What do you think about this season of Scandal?