3 Best Moments from the 2015 Grammy Awards!!

50th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsThe Grammy Awards seem to get better and better each year and Sunday night’s telecast did not disappoint. Of course, it never gets old staring at LL Cool J for 3 hours – but, I digress – lol. So, who rocked? Here are the 3 best moments from the 2015 Grammys:

  • Katy Perry Has Pipes – Wait…What?! I’ve never been a big fan of Katy Perry. I thought she had an “ok” voice, but I didn’t realize all those catchy pop tunes she’s famous for actually masked some powerhouse pipes. That girl can SANG! Who knew?! Prior to her performance, the speech by domestic violence survivor Brooke Axtell gave me chills and was an excellent precursor to Katy bringing down the house. Not only did Katy deliver a pitch perfect vocal performance of “By the Grace of God” that blew me away, the message was totally compelling. She made a believer out of me! Oh, and that white cape – loved it!
  • Kanye Strikes Again! Ok, before I get to the elephant in the room – Kanye storming the stage AGAIN – let’s start with his riveting solo performance of “Only One”. It’s been years since I’ve heard a Kanye West song (or a Kanye verse on someone else’s song for that matter) that I liked. I still miss the “College Dropout” and “Late Registration” Kanye. I know I’m probably in the minority here but whatever – lol. The old Kanye has been gone for like 10 years so I guess it’s safe to say he ain’t coming back. But, the 21-time Grammy winner’s performance of “Only One” reminded me of all the reasons I initially fell in love with Yeezy’s music. The song is hot and the performance was genuine, pure and beyond passionate. I was Team Kanye once more – that is until he semi-stormed the stage to protest Beck’s Album of the Year win. Huh? Really dude? Not again?! No lessons learned – sigh! I guess there isn’t a direct correlation between class and number of Grammy wins. Sheesh!
  • One Word – Prince! This guy got a standing O just by walking onto the stage before he even opened…his…mouth! It happened at the Golden Globes a few weeks ago and again at the Grammys. I like to call it the Bill Clinton effect – ha! Prince’s swag is so intoxicating. He’s a legend and he knows it! I also appreciated Prince’s reference to “Black Lives Matter” – socially conscious rock star – gotta love it!

What did you think of the Grammys?



  • kmb77

    Really enjoyed Ed Sheeran’s performance…with John Mayer and Herbie Hancock!! Absolutely love his song!!