Open Letter to Newly Single JLo: Chill for > 5 Minutes…Please

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Jennifer Lopez is officially single again…for now. Multiple media outlets are reporting that Jenny from the Block and her much younger beau, Casper Smart, have called it quits after two and a half years of dating. Can you hear that churning sound? It’s the wheels in P. Diddy’s head working in overdrive trying to decide when he’ll start robocalling his lost love in 5,4,3,2,1…but, I digress…lol.

Now is the perfect time, as JLo’s best friend, to give her a little advice. Yes, Jennifer Lopez is my best friend – in my head. In my fantasy world, JLo and I shop together, share secrets, meet for lunch at The Ivy on the regular, and gossip in only the way good girlfriends do. Of course, this has no basis in reality but…whatever – lol.

Here are a few words of advice and encouragement I’d give my girl during this time of transition:


I know you said you don’t like to be alone, but please don’t rush into anything new for a while. Let’s place at least a 6 month moratorium on dating. You need that time to bring full closure to the last relationship before you jump into a new one. Give yourself the proper time to ‘mourn’, evaluate lessons learned, and enjoy some ‘me’ time. I’m sure you’ll start getting lots of calls from ex’s and newbies wanting a shot at your heart, but just chill for a bit. You’ll be in an even better place by the end of this trial period.

It’s tempting, but don’t date guys too young to remember when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video premiered on MTV – I’m just saying. The whole ‘cougar’ thing was a cute and fun phase, but hopefully that’s a chapter we can close. Those May/December romances have ‘short term’ written all over them.

Lastly, Jen, your next beau should have just as much to lose as you do. I know Casper was a great guy and all, but two lifestyles and bank accounts that are worlds apart will eventually head in different directions.

As your friend, with all that being said, there is still one thing I know unequivocally. The next guy who steals your heart will be one lucky dude for sure!


Your Bestie,


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