Is Jon Bon Jovi Buying an NFL Team? Jerry Jones Hopes So

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Rock & Roll and football – an unlikely combo or match made in heaven? I vote the latter! There is yet another fabulous rumor circulating that rocker legend Jon Bon Jovi, lead singer of the baddest rock group in the land, Bon Jovi, is interested in purchasing an NFL team. 

This makes perfect sense. Jon has made no secret over the years that he’s a huge football fan. The singer is the former co-owner of Arena Football League team, the Philadelphia Soul. Remember when Jon performed from time to time in the team’s jersey? (For all you Bon Jovi historians – wink)

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, seems to think Jon would make an excellent owner. Jones made the media rounds throwing his support to the rock legend.

Here is an excerpt from what reported:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, speaking to reporters Monday at the NFL meetings in Atlanta, said Bon Jovi would be an “outstanding” NFL owner, as the singer has joined Larry Tanenbaum of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment as the principal members of a Toronto group expected to bid on the Buffalo Bills, according to the Toronto Sun.

“He knows many of the owners personally. All owners know of him,” Jones said of Bon Jovi. “But he knows them personally. He’s committed, he’s very genuine.”

“You talk about individuals and talk about their qualification — there hasn’t been anybody more qualified to be involved in sports ownership, or certainly ownership in the NFL, than Jon Bon Jovi.”

Will Jon Bon Jovi ‘the rocker’ have to take a back seat to Jon Bon Jovi ‘the NFL team owner’? Only time will tell. If this all pans out, will Jon ever grace the crowd with a halftime show performance? Maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part. Oooohhh, what if Richie Sambora rejoined the band for a halftime performance? Side note: The mere thought of Richie Sambora puts a smile on my face – or maybe a ‘groupie grin’ is a more accurate description lol. But, I digress…because Richie has nothing to do with this post. Ummmmm, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, Jon may be a team owner soon…and we think that rocks! Pun intended!

What do you think about Jon Bon Jovi buying an NFL team?