O..M..G! Did Beyoncé’s Sister Solange Attack Jay Z After the Met Gala?

Photo Source: PRPhotos.com

Photo Source: PRPhotos.com

What?! TMZ reported that Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, apparently attacked Jay Z in an elevator after last week’s Met Gala.  This would be an impossible story to believe if it weren’t for the video produced by TMZ

Click here to see TMZ’s video and the alleged altercation.

We won’t speculate about what might have caused this scuffle. Whatever the root cause, the next few weeks may be tough for the Carter/Knowles family in light of the incident and the ensuing media coverage.

Bey, Jay and Solange – Keep your heads up! You’ll weather this storm just like you’ve done with all the others. This will ultimately pass and the media’s attention will eventually be diverted to the next news story.


Photo Source: PRPhotos.com

Photo Source: PRPhotos.com




  • Brett Lewis

    Pres. Nixon was taped, exposed, and had to resign from office. Monika Lewinsky was taped by a friend; resulting in the exposure of Pres. Clinton’s infidelity and
    lies he told to the American people. Pres. Clinton had to face and eventually
    defeated an impeachment attempt for similar lies to Congress. Sterling was
    taped, exposed, banned from the NBA, and will mostly likely lose ownership of
    the Clippers. I see no difference between the three scenarios with the
    exception that Presidents Nixon and Clinton were accused of crimes, and
    Sterling wasn’t. After the fact, Pres. Nixon “apologized” for his actions
    during an interview with David Frost and Pres. Clinton issued similar
    apologies. After the fact, Sterling allegedly apologized during an interview
    with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Although contrition is part of the healing and reconciliation process; IMHO, I see no difference between Presidents Nixon and Clinton, and Sterling because after-the-fact contrition, for “wrongful acts,” does not
    detract from the punishment and/or public disgrace meted out for the act(s)
    itself. “If you do the crime, you should do the time,” and although you may be
    eventually “forgiven;” you will have to live with the disgrace for the
    rest of your life.

  • kmb77

    WOOOWWW…Solange has balls!! lol…wonder what in the world would elicit such a reaction from her??! Man, if only there was audio too!!

    • chitchatrunway

      Audio would be epic! lol

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