SCANDAL Highlights – Shonda Rhimes for President 2016! – 3/27



Mama Said Knock You Out – Episode 315 (air date 3.27.14)


The true genius that is Shonda Rhimes was on full display in the March 27th episode of ABC’s Scandal.  I thought nothing would top the tear-jerker episode two weeks ago (RIP James).  I was so wrong.  Here are a few juicy highlights from Thursday.

  • Olivia definitely took a beating this week.  The poor girl’s mother called her the help and her boyfriend reminded her, in the worst way, that she is NOT his wife.  Kerry Washington never disappoints.  Her acting chops are undeniable.
  • The chemistry between Huckleberry Quinn is so fun to watch.  It’s clear the love triangle with Charlie is going to get pretty ugly pretty fast.  Or, should I say bloody?!
  • Fitz still loves Mellie – ha!  He flew into a jealous rage when he found out she’s been playing house with Andrew.  It’ll be interesting to see how this ends up for Liv.  Something tells me she won’t be making it to Vermont.
  • Adnan and Harrison are so hot and yet so confusing lol.  That scene where Adnan drops her undies and sits on the couch was way over the top – love it!  Side note: Is it me, or does Columbus Short whisper all his lines?  I always have to turn up the volume or rewind the DVR because I can’t understand a thing this guy says.  But, I digress…
  • Back to Mellie – You know you’ve officially hit rock bottom when your teenage daughter catches you in the worst compromising position with a man that’s not your husband.  Mellie is flawed, brilliant, and crazy all at the same time.  She’s becoming one of my favorite characters on the show.  Bellamy Young is SLAYing this role.  Love her!
  • Jake’s speech reminding Fitz of who’s really in charge was nothing short of EPIC!

I hope Scandal is acknowledged next awards season.  The writing on the show is freaking phenomenal.  This is shaping up to be the best season yet!

Best lines this week:

  • “I’m talking to my WIFE!” – Fitz to Olivia
  • “You are alone.” – Eli to Jake
  • “Glass houses, Olivia.” – Andrew to Olivia
  • “You’re nothing but the help and you don’t even know it.” – Mama Pope to Olivia

What did you think of this episode of Scandal? 

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