6 Reasons Kanye West Should be Smiling

Source: PRPhotos.com

Photo Source: PRPhotos.com

Kanye West is known for many things, but smiling is definitely not one of them.  We’ve all seen the headlines through the years – some good….some not so good.  Kanye’s tumultuous relationship with award shows and the paparazzi are well documented.  But even with all that drama, I can still think of 6 really good reasons Kanye West should be smiling

  1. Creative Genius: Kanye has a rare musical gift and a platform to share it with the world.  As much as he complains, something tells me he’d much rather be stalked by the paparazzi on Sunset Blvd. than selling keyboards for a living.
  2. He’s in Love: I hate to state the obvious but he’s engaged to a very beautiful woman who seems to genuinely love him – and not for his $ either.  Kanye’s reality starlet fiancée has her own guap!   Yessss, we know she has more baggage than a 747….but who doesn’t?  In the words of Andrew, my favorite new character on Scandal, “Glass houses, Olivia.”
  3. New Papa: A baby girl can change any man for the better, right?  He has sweet little Nori’s cheeks to kiss every day.  The joys of being her proud Papa should provide enough smiles to last a lifetime.

    Kanye West's "Runaway" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

    Photo Source: PRPhotos.com

  4. Pearly Whites:  Kanye actually has a really nice smile!  He’s a handsome fella.
  5. Vogue Cover:  Kanye and his family now grace the cover of the April issue of the most highly coveted fashion magazine in the world.  He’s clearly winning – at least this month anyway lol..
  6. Jay-Z & Beyoncé are his best friends: Enough said!

What other reasons do you think Kanye has to smile? 

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