6 Reasons I Love Football – Confessions of a Female Football Addict

PinkHelmetThose barren months from February to July are tough for an addict like me.  August can’t get here fast enough because that’s the start of football season!   Here are a few of the many random reasons I…love…this…game!

  1. In the Pedigree: My parents are huge football fans.  There were 1.5 televisions in the house back in the 80’s and my dad always had the big tube glued to football on Sunday.  Did I mention that my mom screams louder than teenage girls at a Bieber concert when her favorite team scores?!  Yes, I got it honest!
  2. Chest Bump Love: End zone celebrations make my day.  I can’t get enough of watching players chest bump after a big play.  Is that not the coolest?
  3. That LBD: Watching my favorite team score the winning touchdown is a lot like finding out that cute little black dress I finally decided to buy is actually 30% off at the register – it’s the same rush! Wait, did I just compare fashion and football? Yep, to me they go hand in hand!
  4. No Sweat: Unlike basketball, football doesn’t subject you to glimpses of sweaty, hairy armpits – eeek!
  5. Football Fashion Police: I love to critique the uniforms.  I’m constantly making design suggestions in my head like, “Those jerseys need another splash of color.”…or “Hmmm, I wonder if cleats come in teal?
  6. Excuse to Party and Look Fab: Football season always gives you the perfect excuse to socialize with friends, enjoy a great cocktail, and eat all the deliciously wrong foods you can imagine.  Plus, who wants to turn down a chance to put on a cute pair of heels and skinny jeans to watch the big game at a bar?  Not me!

What reasons do YOU love football? 

Let’s CHAT!

  • kmb77

    Speaking of end zone celebrations, what’s up with the banning of the over the goalpost slam dunk??! Gonna miss Tony G and his slam dunks 🙁

    • chitchatrunway

      I know right?!! Too many restrictions for sure.

  • ShayJay

    So, I’ve decided that in my next life…I’m coming back as a man, but only to play this game. I don’t want to be tackled or touched. I just want to run down the field with my opposition behind and my fans in front of me as I cross the endzone! Yeah, baby!!

  • chitchatrunway

    Haaaa! 🙂 I’m right there with ya, ShayJay!

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